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Ocular Sciences Optical Polymer Research Paragon Vision Sciences Polymer Technology Rand Scientific Research Wesley Jessen Select Type of ens - Week Disposable Bifocal enses Color Disposable Daily Disposable Gas Permeable Monthly Disposable Novelty enses Private abel Toric enses Vial enses Private abel com - Brand Ne Contact enses for ess! René Descartes proposed another idea in , in which a glass tube filled with liquid is placed in direct contact with the cornea. The protruding end was to be composed of clear glass, shaped to correct vision; however the idea was unworkable, since it would make blinking impossible. In 0, while conducting experiments concerning the mechanisms of accommodation, scientist Thomas Young constructed a liquid-filled "eyecup" which could be considered a predecessor to the contact lens. On the eyecup's base, Young fitted a microscope eyepiece. Be sure to consider this when researching the surgery. - Talk to your surgeon about all of the risks that are associated with the ASIK surgery. You will need to weigh them against the potential gains in your self-esteem and even perhaps the future savings of not having to purchase glasses or contact lenses. Your doctor will be happy to talk to you about these potential problems and let you know how you can help to avoid having them happen to you. About the Author: John Mancini has been writing about Eye Surgery online and offline for a long time. info or http:laser-eye-surgery-center.

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